Aug 20, 2017

A Storm Is Brewing

A storm is brewing in the distance
Quietly growing in strength
At the moment it is barely noticeable
Except for a little change in the breeze
But it is there
Growing darker and stronger
By the hour
You better brace yourself
Because once it's here
It will turn everything upside down
The winds will tear down walls
The rain will wash away
The ground beneath your feet
And once the storm clears
And the sky turns blue again
Everything will be changed

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Aug 17, 2017

I Want Something Just Like This

From one of othe concerts - The Dodos

You were one of the sweetest
People I've ever met
Considerate, kind
With your heart on your sleeve
You were one of the brightest
Minds I've ever encountered
Always full of ideas
Thoughts and questions
There was never a dull moment
When you were around
And I never knew where
The evening would end
When the day started with you
There would always be something new
That caught your attention
And you had to explore
Every impulse that occurred to you
Picnics in the park
Outdoor concerts
Driving around aimlessly
Just to be together
We'd laugh and have fun
Fight and make up
Soul mates, you said
And I agreed
But you were always searching
For something
That you could never find
A piece of you that you'd lost
So you decided to escape instead
Because life got too tough
And your head was too heavy
With thoughts
I tried to pull you back
To keep you grounded
But you needed to fly
To let your mind rest
From all the thoughts
And memories
That haunted you
I will always remember
Those precious moments we shared
All the good times
And I will always miss
The person you were
Before you decided to let go
Of yourself
And take a piece of me
With you
And I will always hope
That one day
You will return, whole

Aug 2, 2017

Grains of Sand

I know so many words
Yet I can't seem to find the right ones
It feels like I'm searching
For a specific grain of sand
On the beach
Digging frantically
Trying to find the misplaced ones
As I search
I feel like I'm digging a deep hole

I end up building a sand castle
Out of all the wrong grains
Surrounded by a moat and large walls

But I guess it doesn't matter
Because the castle with wither away
Dry in the sun
Blow away in the breeze
And eventually the waves
Will carry the last remains away
In the end
No one will remember
What I tried to say
But me

Jul 30, 2017


Don't be afraid of the monsters under your bed
Or the ghosts that live in your closet
The ones that hide in the shadows
And only come out when it's dark
They are just scared, hiding
Hoping you won't find them
The real monsters aren't scared of the light
They walk around in the bright sun
Without turning into stone
They will give you a beautiful smile
Comfort you, lure you in
Only then will you realize
What they truly are

Do not be afraid of the monsters under your bed
For they will never harm you

Jul 24, 2017


The gentle look in your eyes
And your soft smile
The way you are there to help
When someone is in need
Your shoulder, always available
When my head feels too heavy
The way you help me to my feet
Even if you are knocked to the ground
Your kind little gestures
That bring a smile to my face
Even when everything seems dark
The way you make me laugh
When all I want to do is cry
And your words of comfort and hope
In a world that seems crazy and hopeless
That's what makes you more beautiful
Than there are stars in the sky