Jul 22, 2017


Long days in the sun
Or dancing together in the rain
Warm nights with the sound of crickets
Flowers and fine wine
Bumblebees and bonfires
Cotton candy and carnivals
Heat and happiness
Palms and playfulness
Sand and sun
Breeze at the beach
But best of all: You!

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Jul 21, 2017

Sail On By

It's time to set sail again
And let the wind take me away
It's time to raise anchor
And hoist the sails
It's time to travelTowards a faraway destination
It's time to look for another port
A new place to call home
It's time to let go of all the old
And go on new adventures
The wind will bring me there
Heel over
Trim the sails
Sail upwind
Smell the sea 
Feel the breeze
Exciting places await
And it's time to explore

Jul 20, 2017

The Old Piano

The old piano stands in the corner
Covered in dust
Desperately longing to be played
Like back in the old days
Tunes of Mozart, Bach
And maybe some Tchaikovsky
Filling the room
Setting the atmosphere
Changing it from dark and dangerous
To cheerful and light
All with a few strikes of the keys
But instead
It is standing there alone
Out of tune
With only memories
And the ghosts of the music
It used to know

Jul 19, 2017

Ode To The Night

I step out, and am immediately surrounded by darkness
The cold air takes my breath away for a few heartbeats
As my eyes adjust, the stars start to appear above, one by one
Almost as if a magician decided to reveal some of his tricks
And I am the audience, amazed by all the wonders
Slowly everything start to appear brighter
And I start to see the details in all the things around me
The trees, the grass, the flowers
Made soft and gentle by the dimmed light
I close my eyes for a while
And listen
Listen to the silence
A soft breeze interrupt the quietness 
As it dances through the treetops
And far away in the distance, a car is headed home
'Most everyone is asleep
While they travel through their land of dreams
They are missing these moments of magic
I open my eyes, and look up
The stars wave down at me
A burst of solar particles light up the sky above
Almost like purple and green fireworks
As I take in all the beauty
I know that it is here, in the night, he will find me

Jul 18, 2017

Romance in Movies

Artist: Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade
I was watching a movie the other day, a romantic drama, that got me thinking yet again about how romance and love often is portrayed in the movies.

Here's a short summary of the storyline:
A fragile young woman who's been hurt by life falls in love with an angry man who likes to keep to himself, as he too has been hurt by life.

They move in together, he hits her and tells her things such as: "You can leave if you want to, but no one else will want you", and, "You are of less value to me than my dogs and my chickens".

But this sweet and caring woman does not give up. She knows that he's just broken, and that if she loves him enough, is gentle and shows him that she's a kind person, he'll come around.

And that's exactly what happens. Slowly he starts trusting her, and her love turns him into a man who adores her and dotes on her in every way.

Add some romantic music, and you've got yourself a movie.

Remove the romantic music, and you basically have what every woman (and man) in an abusive relationship keeps telling themselves: "My partner has been damaged and is hurting so much, but I know that my love can get through to them and turn them into the wonderful person they really are."

That's why we stay: To try and fix that other person.
Because we've seen glimpses of what they can be like when they are not telling us how worthless we are. They do show us some good, and even amazing sides once in a while. And we keep trying to help them.

So I keep wondering why abusive, stalkerish and controlling traits are promoted as something romantic in movies. Trust me, there's nothing romantic about a guy who wants you all to himself, to a point where he isolates you from all your friends and family.

Your loved one should not be trying to control who you're talking to, what you do. That's not love. And your love and gentleness will, sadly, not turn an abusive person into someone else - no matter what the movies tell us.

There's nothing romantic about domestic abuse.