Jul 20, 2017

The Old Piano

The old piano stands in the corner
Covered in dust
Desperately longing to be played
Like back in the old days
Tunes of Mozart, Bach
And maybe some Tchaikovsky
Filling the room
Setting the atmosphere
Changing it from dark and dangerous
To cheerful and light
All with a few strikes of the keys
But instead
It is standing there alone
Out of tune
With only memories
And the ghosts of the music
It used to know

Jul 19, 2017

Ode To The Night

I step out, and am immediately surrounded by darkness
The cold air takes my breath away for a few heartbeats
As my eyes adjust, the stars start to appear above, one by one
Almost as if a magician decided to reveal some of his tricks
And I am the audience, amazed by all the wonders
Slowly everything start to appear brighter
And I start to see the details in all the things around me
The trees, the grass, the flowers
Made soft and gentle by the dimmed light
I close my eyes for a while
And listen
Listen to the silence
A soft breeze interrupt the quietness 
As it dances through the treetops
And far away in the distance, a car is headed home
'Most everyone is asleep
While they travel through their land of dreams
They are missing these moments of magic
I open my eyes, and look up
The stars wave down at me
A burst of solar particles light up the sky above
Almost like purple and green fireworks
As I take in all the beauty
I know that it is here, in the night, he will find me

Jul 18, 2017

In the horizon

One day life is going to hit me across the head
And slap me hard with something wonderful
I know it
I can feel it in every cell of my body
But it will not be today

Jul 17, 2017

Cold Winter Night

On a cold winter night
He found me
Laying in the snow

"Did you fall?" He asked
"Yes," I replied

"Let me help you"
He said and put out his hand
For me to grab

"Let me help you,"
I said as I grabbed it
And pulled him down

"Roll over
Make a snow angel
Look at the stars
And the snow sparkling
Like billions of diamonds"

"Thank you," he whispered
And gazed into infinity

Jul 16, 2017

My heart

My heart is a place
with a big sign on the door


Yet every once in a while
Some fool will come in
Maybe he was lost
And took a wrong turn
Or maybe he wanted to see
What was in that forbidden room

Some realize their mistake right away
And run out, leaving only dirty footprints
Others take a look around
And a few decides to check out the blinking panels

They cheekily press the red and green buttons
To see what will happen
But when the alarm goes off
And cracks start appearing in the walls
They all run for cover