A Night Walk in The City

Reflections in Skansedammen, Bergen, Norway.

Right as the clock strikes midnight, I put a leash on the dog, pick up my camera bag and tripod, and wander out into the night.

It's the middle of the week, most people are asleep, and there is hardly a car in the streets. And as I make my way up through the hills to get a better view, I walk past huge mansions, many of them Swiss chalet style villas that date back to around 1835-1860.

The warm summer air is filled with the scent of lilacs that seem to bloom in every garden I pass by. And for a while, I stop and close my eyes to take it all in while the dog sniffs a grassy patch by the road.

Someone has recently painted their white house, even though the house is mostly hidden behind huge hedges, I can still smell the fresh paint. And I'm guessing that, like most Norwegians, they owners have probably painted the house themselves. We tend to take pleasure in a bit of handy work, and rarely pay others to do what we can do ourselves.

Once we get a bit further up the hill, the city lights pop out between the houses, and I can hear a train in the distance as it pulls into the station. The blue lights of a police car pass through the streets below. It seems to be the only car out tonight.

But as we get closer to the city center, I can hear laughter and singing from the bars below. Not everyone's asleep. Some are still up and enjoying the warm summer night. I hear voices from a nearby garden, and the smell of BBQ makes the dog give them a longing look.

Once we reach Skansedammen and the old fire station, we find a bench by the pond, and sit down to take in the view. The dog sits down right next to me, and I wrap my arms around her. She's happy just to be here, together. There's a special serenity, that only these summer nights hold.

After taking some pictures and resting up a bit, we wander through some of the narrow streets. And a couple of hours after leaving our front door, we're back home. The sun, which was hardly even gone, is already rising, and people will soon wake up.

Filled with impressions and happiness from our walk, we're ready to get some sleep.

These night walks are perfect, only lacking one thing ... a hand for me to hold.

Who knows, maybe he'll come along for some walks in the fall instead.