July 22

Today is a special day for us here in Norway. On this day, 7 years ago, 77 people lost their lives in the bombing in Oslo and shooting at Utøya, and around 90 more were injured.

Thankfully no one I knew were hurt, but it was a close call for several people. One friend had just walked past and further down the street from where the bomb went off. The windows at my aunt's office were blown in, but she had gone away on vacation the day before.

And every July 22 since then, I remember how I stayed up all night to hear about what was going on on Utøya, and how I burst into tears when they said that as many as 90 could be dead out there. 90 kids...

My dad's cousin and his dog helped searching for dead and injured on the island and around the edges of the lake. They searched for 24 hours straight.

And this was all because of one man's hate.

It makes me so sad to read about how that kind of hate seems to be growing all over the world. And I keep thinking that we all need to do our little bit to help stop it. How do you stop hate? Now that's a good question. But one thing's for sure, spreading more of it will not help.

The Internet and social media seem to help spread hate, mis-information and fear. But thankfully it also helps spread love, compassion, understanding and facts.

I'm the kind of person who love facing my fears. And maybe that's what we all need to do a bit more often. See what we're scared of, and try to find a way of conquering it.

One thing's for sure. I love Instagram because it shows me people from all corners of the world. I get to see glimpses of people's life, people and places I'd never see without it. I love how it helps me understand that behind all the labels, we're all just humans, and we all just want to be safe and loved.

And if you have the chance, I would highly recommend watching some documentaries by the Emmy winning director Deeeyah Khan, especially her documentary White Right: Meeting the Enemy.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day or night, and that you know just how precious you are to someone out there. Lots of love, from me.