Vero - The True Social App? What and Why?

This is dedicated to Vero - my new love 😍

As you may know, I've been a regular user of Instagram for a couple of years now. And there are so many things about Instagram that I love.

Not only do I get to share my own photos, so that they won't just be stored away on my hard drive, never to be seen again. But one of my favorite things about Instagram has always been seeing other people's pictures.

And I was one of the many who absolutely hated it when Instagram changed the feed from chronological to... well, whatever it is at the moment.

Since they made it much more difficult to see all posts by the people I followed, I tried to counter it by following fewer accounts, and by following accounts who don't post many pictures a day.

Because for me, one of the best things used to be that no matter how "popular" or big your account was, your pictures were equally important to the ones who have thousands or millions of followers.

Now, sadly, it seems like you have to pay to get noticed on Instagram. And after resent changes to how tags are displayed, I've stopped my daily ritual of looking through some of my favorite tags to see if I could find new people that I felt deserved some love and attention.

Basically they've made it so hard to find all the start-ups and smaller accounts that they've taken away a major part about what I loved - motivating everyone to keep on sharing their content and their parts of the world.

To those who worry after this long rant, no, I'm not going to leave Instagram. I love all my active followers there, and all the people I follow. Your pictures and words always make me smile. Thank you for being such amazing people!

But I have been looking for an alternative to Instagram for about a year now. Even to a point where I asked my dad if he could program an app πŸ˜‚

My Vero account - I Could Live Here

And then I heard of Vero. As soon as I downloaded the app and started playing around with it, something clicked.

It's exactly what I've been missing from a social app. Everyone is equal. Your posts stand on their own, and they've promised not to introduce ads or algorithms. So I'm in love!

It is funny though, after I've started talking about the app, I've been warned against using it. Some people claim that Vero takes ownership of your pictures and content. But have a look at their Terms of Use (section 2, User Content), and you will see that they clearly state that your content belongs to you.

I've also heard lots of rumors about Vero's CEO. But maybe this article will make you think twice about those rumors?

I, for one, wish this app welcome with open arms and eyes. And you should of course make a decision of whether or not you'd like to use it based on your own research. But I would certainly be very happy to see you there!

If you do join Vero, be sure to let me know, and I will follow back.

And remember, I'll be sharing a lot of pictures and videos from my mystery trip to paradise there 🌴🌍🌞

With this rant, I wish you a wonderful week!