Instagram Milestone

Milkyway - Bergen, Norway

Yesterday my Instagram account hit a milestone that I'd never expected to reach. Compared to most other accounts, the number isn't that huge. But I never excepted that there would be more than 3000 people out there who wound enjoy my pictures.

When I first started the account, it was simply to share some of my pictures of the dog and the nature around me. It was never a goal to grow my account, or to get a certain amount of followers. I just did it for fun, and also to see beautiful pictures from all over the world.
But somehow, as my account kept growing and people started getting involved with my posts, Instagram helped making photography one of my favorite hobbies.

I've always loved the night sky, the stars and the full moon, and I've also always enjoyed taking pictures. And I could spend hours and hours outside, looking up at the clear night sky. So being able to photograph what I see, and then share it, is such a joy for me.

After all, what good is a nice picture if no one gets to see it, if it's just stored away on some hard drive?

So this is a BIG thank you to everyone who's following my account, to everyone who likes my posts, and to those of you who take the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. And it's so much fun getting to share my photography journey and how I develop as an amateur photographer with you.

All of you rock, because you make me smile every single day, and because you make me enjoy two of my favorite hobbies even more: photography and stumbling around in the dark, looking at the sky.

It's funny though, because reaching 3K followers is almost unbelievable to me, and yet the number of followers just seems to grow and grow.

Just know that I will always do my best to keep up with what you guys are doing. And that when I like or comment on one of your pictures, that's me doing it, as I will never use apps to do that for me. I enjoy being involved with what you're posting way too much to have it any other way!

I think that's enough of my ramblings for one night πŸ™ˆ

Thank you for coming along for the ride 🌹