Jul 13, 2017

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Let Me

Let what I feel fill me
But not consume me;
Let me follow what I feel,
But not be forced;
Let me become the kind of soul
Who never klings on too hard,
Who lets go and yet loves;
Let me imagine better worlds,
Yet work in this one;

Let me touch, and treasure, even
People I can never hold,
And let me learn from all my losses;
Let me out and let me in,
And let me see and let me be
A window - maybe broken - but through which
A bit of air and sunlight comes.

- Jack Veasey -

I'm not a religious person. So this poem by Jack Veasey is probably the closest I can ever come to a prayer. It's a prayer to myself, with reminders of what kind of person I was - who I strive to be again. 

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