Jul 4, 2017

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Familiar Places

Have you ever walked around your house
Or another familiar place
At night, in the dark
And noticed how everything you thought
You knew so well
Now seems slightly off
As if someone moved the walls
Just a few inches
Removed a step from the stairs
Pulled out a chair from its place
Lowered the lamp just enough
For it to brush the top of your head

And you walk around there
Feeling a bit uncertain
Trying to find your way
Through a place
That you normally know 
Like the back of your hand
Stumbling, stepping into thin air
As you try to go upstairs
And it hits you
That everything you think you know
Is now slightly off
That you'll never feel as safe
And just quite the way you did before
That sinking feeling
Just like your foot searching
For that missing step in the dark...

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