Aug 31, 2016

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Update - It's About Time

The northern lights dancing with the full mon - Picture taken Spring, 2016.

It has been far too long since I last made an update to this site. I'll try to keep this post nice and short, and I promise to update the page more frequently from now on.

I am much better at updating my Instagram account (@I_couldlivehere), so make sure you follow me there if you're interested in seeing pictures of the northern lights, the starry skies and some beautiful sunsets. And of the dog, of course.

Last time you heard from me, I had just started making my bucket list, and was hoping to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in September or early October this year. Those plans were put aside when I suddenly came across the perfect apartment. I decided to postpone all travel plans, and buy my dream home instead.

And now, after a bidding war and over three months of waiting, I was supposed to move into said apartment on Friday. I was getting so excited to tell about it, show you pictures, decorate it and hang some of my photos on the walls.

But today I was told that someone else had used their right of pre-emption (Norwegian: forkjøpsrett) at the very last minute (literally). To say that I'm pissed off that I negotiated a decent price on the apartment to weigh up for the long wait and court process, only to have someone take it at the same price and be able to move in in just a couple of days, is an understatement.

I'm generally a nice person, but I hope the new owner is never able to find a matching pair of socks for the rest of her life, and she'll always run into red lights in intersections.

There, I got that out of my system :) 

Now it's back to planning fun stuff, mountain summits and travels. And, of course, lots and lots of climbing.

Hope you are all doing well. To those of you that follow me on Instagram, I am so grateful for all the wonderful feedback, for all your comments and likes - and I really, really can't express how much I'm enjoying seeing your photos and hearing about your lives and travels.

Keep up the good work, and feel free to get in touch with me with constructive criticism, questions about night photography, northern lights, Norway, or just to say hi. 

The photo below is one of my many attempts at in-camera double exposure with the dog as my model. I had to find something to do while waiting for the skies to clear up and the northern lights to return.

The dog is taking camouflage to the next level :)

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  1. I so feel your frustration! Life can feel very unfair at times. I hope your new adventures help to make up for this blip in the road :-) I love your photos of the northern lights, as I may never get to see them (though definitely on my own bucket list!). At the moment, waiting for a hip replacement and trying to find a way of curing/alleviating my fibromyalgia take precedence ;-)


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